Las Vegas Open 2023 & Horus Heresy Narrative Event

This year Tim and Mike decided to travel to Las Vegas to take part in the LVO Horus Heresy Narrative event "Advance on Rioh Prime". This 3 day event

Horus Heresy Game Day at YHP Alexandria
NOVA Open 2023: Horus Heresy Opening Salvo
NOVA Open 2023: Horus Heresy BLAM

This year Tim and Mike decided to travel to Las Vegas to take part in the LVO Horus Heresy Narrative event “Advance on Rioh Prime”. This 3 day event used its own unique list building format as follows:

Day 1 (Friday): Landing Party

The first day is designed to represent the various scouting and fast moving components of the forces landing on the surface of Rioh Prime ahead of the main advance. Lists must be built to 2000 points with the following Restrictions:

  • No Flyers without a transport Capacity – These are occupied in dog fights
  • No Primarchs
  • No Characters with the Unique Type (i.e. Named Characters)
  • No Allied Detachment

Day 2 (Saturday): Targeted Advance

The second day is designed to represent the reinforcement of the initial landing parties and their advancement on their objectives. Lists must be built to 3000 points with the following Restrictions:

  • Your list must contain the entirety of your list from Day 1
  • There are no additional vehicle restrictions. (i.e. you may add flyers without transport capacities)
  • No Primarchs
  • No Characters with the Unique Type (i.e. Named Characters)
  • No Titans

Day 3 (Sunday): The Fate of Rioh Prime

The third day is designed to represent the climactic final gambit of both Loyalist and Traitor. The conflict expanding to draw in Primarchs, Warriors of Legend, and Titan Legios alike. Lists may be built up to any point level and are UNRESTRICTED. Players may participate in either the Main Conflict Tables as Mega Battles, or in smaller conflicts at standard 6’x4’. We are also attempting to source a large Zone Mortalis to offer a Zone Mortalis Mega Battle as well. This means:

  • Alternative Force Organization Charts may be used
  • Your list does not require the inclusion of your list from days 1 or 2.
  • It is recommended you bring lists both with and without your primarch/named character (just in case)
  • Only one Primarch or Character with the Unique Type (i.e. Named Characters) may be included in your list.

I decided to fly with carry on only using United Airlines, so was limited to what I could fit in the overhead storage – which led me to purchasing a P.A.C.K. 432 2.0 Molle Horizontal with Magna Rack Slider Load Out from Battlefoam. This is a great bit of kit that is perfect for carry on travel and the Molle attachments allow you to add extra storage when you land (I add a dump pouch and a drink bottle holder).

For army I decided to play Traitor Alpha Legion running a Headhunter Lethiathal – this means that headhunters count as troops and I needed to have more headhunter squads than fast attack or heavy support and all vehicles start in reserve. I thought to myself, dreadnaughts don’t count as vehicles, so packed a couple of Lethiathans and some comptemptors, and ran a squad of Iron Warriors iron havoks as my reward of treachery. Throw in a large unit of 10 recon marines with nemeis bolters, a trusty imperial fist as a sabateur and some tactical marines and the army was good to go.

With only carry on I wanted to pack light, and stuck to the essentials:

I landed a few hours earlier than Tim, headed to the Rio (which was the official hotel – always try to stay at the official place if you can, it makes life a lot easier especially when you’ve got a few beers in you) and needed to kill some time. Which led me to visiting a place that I’ve always wanted to – Battlefield Vegas.

I got to tick a few things off the bucket list, including firing a .50 BMG Barrett Sniper Rifle, along with Battlefield’s Cold War Warsaw Pack Package of a Czech Vz.-61 Scorpion Machine Pistol, a Hungarian AMD-65 Assault Rifle a Czech Vz-58 Assault Rifle and a Bulgarian PKM Light Machine Gun before touring their display of military vehicles and a ride back to the hotel in one of their Humvees to meet up with Tim.

I had to take Tim to see the “real” Las Vegas, so off in an uber we went to Freemont Street, where we headed for the one and only Heart Attack Grill. For those who don’t know what the Heart Attack Grill is (like my unsuspecting victim Tim), its the sort of place where the vegan menu is Indian Spirit Cigarettes, people over 300LBs eat free and the spokesperson died of a completely unrelated heart attack. You wear a hospital gown upon admittance, the waitresses are dressed as nurses, and if you don’t finish your meal, you’ll get a paddling. Did I mention I took my wife there when she was still a vegetarian a few years back?

I ended up playing the first two days, but ran out of energy by the 3rd day (and I needed to jump on a plane back home). I didn’t take a tonne of photos, or write down much as to be honest – I was just having fun gaming with a bunch of folks with amazingly painted armies who were just there for a great time. There were some close games, my Saboteur got up to some backline shenanigans, Headhunters did work, almost survived a drop pod assault and I got absolutely demolished by some Custodes. Every game was enjoyable, though I had to remortgage the house to pay for the convention center beer prices.