Oldhammer Style Bretonnians for The Old World

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Oldhammer Style Bretonnians for The Old World

I started playing Warhammer Fantasy when I was 10 or 11 back when it was the tail end of 4th edition and Bretonnians had been squatted for a while. I

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I started playing Warhammer Fantasy when I was 10 or 11 back when it was the tail end of 4th edition and Bretonnians had been squatted for a while. I’d grown up with all the Arthurian tales as a child and fell in love with the few photos of the early quasi historical Bretonnan armies that featured in the color pages of the rule book, but never thought I’d get a chance to actually own or play them.

When 5th edition came out, I had a small Bretonnian army with Louen Leoncoeur, the Lionhearted, Bertrand the Brigand and the Bowmen of Bergerac, Morgiana le Fay, Fay Enchantress of Bretonnia and of course the plastic knights and bowmen that came in the box set. Being a young kid in New Zealand, I couldn’t afford what was needed for a full army especially once the exchange rate, postage and taxes were taken into account, and that was if I could find them in stock at Pendragon Games (I believe this was before Games Workshop opened a store directly below them in the MidCity Center).

Life got in the way, I became a teenager, discovered girls, then paintball and the warhammer was mostly sold off (though recently my old neighbor Andrew told me he has a bunch of my old stuff in storage, though it might be mostly orcs and goblins – I’ll have to dig it out next time I make the 20 hour+ flight from Washington DC to Auckland) and I didn’t get back into wargaming properly till around 2017.

When The Old World was announced, along with the new Bretonnian models I decided I wanted to build a Bretonnian army, though I wanted to make it all (or as much) metal as possible. Thankfully Brian Ansell and the team at Foundry Models still have most of the moulds for the 3rd Ed models (you can find them in the Ex Citadel, Early Medieval / Barons Wars / The 13th Century, Wars of the Roses / 15th Century Men at Arms, Medieval Cannons where most, if not all were sculpted by the Perry Twins. You can also find some more modern sculpts over at their sister website Casting Room Miniatures.

I’ve picked up a bunch of stuff including bowmen, men at arms, peasants, nobles, cannons, foot knights which should keep me busy for quite some time.

I’ve been scrounging around and managed to find some of the old GW 5th edition metal models for characters and a metal trebuchet and decided I wanted to occasionally add a bit more pythonesque flavor to the army so picked up a bunch of the Medieval Mayhem models produced by Hayland Terrain. I think these will make great unit fillers including knights and their coconut carrying squires, the black knight and the three headed giant.

I’m starting work on the infantry as they are the only ones where I know the base sizes for the new version of the game (25mm), so far I’ve got through a couple of units of archers, a sorceress and a knight. The new edition suggests that knights will run varients of their lords heraldry, so I’ll probably keep most of them to a Blue and Red color scheme. As usual everything is painted using a airbrushed Zenithal prime, white drybrush and citadel contrasts/army painter speed paints. Banners will use a variety of historical banners that just “look good” if I can find them on the internet.

I was really happy to find the 5th edition models for Bertrand the Brigand, Gui le Gros and Hugo le Petit. I think they work well with the unarmored archers to make up a unit of Bowmen of Bergerac or Herrimaults.

Now that the NOVA Open is over I’ll have some more time to paint, so hopefully the rest of the army will start to get some color on it over the winter and will be ready to play once the Old World hits (whenever that is). Now all I need to know is what size bases the knights actually go on!